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The workshop focuses on exploring the issues of terminology, methodology, language and translation when dealing with performance genres and theories of theatre in different socio-cultural contexts. The participants will have a chance to confront their understanding of dance and theatre, and get acquainted with some theoretical knowledge in the field of Performance Studies. 
Possible topics
Methodology matters;
Dance History and Dance Theory as reference;
Milestones in interpretation;
Contemporary dance tendencies;
The role of the artist – self-expression and auto-reflection;
Modification of the narratives, re-definition of the dramaturgy, etc. 
Main questions
What is the role of education, theory and practical experience when writing about performance? 
How do the concepts of theatre and performance genres change in relation to cultural context and audience expectations? 
What can "contemporary" mean? 
What is the role of perception, subjectivity and metaphor in writing about performance? 
After getting familiar with some of the literaure already before the workshop, participants will be challenged to search for possible answers to these questions by means of presentation, discussion and discovery learning. Another important part of the workshop is meant to be the common interpretation of the festival performances, reflecting back to the audience talk and the moderator’s role as well. We would like to put a special emphasis on creating a multilateral, democratic situation of learning and participation with equal chances to knowledge share. This may help journalists, critics and other writers involved in performing arts to practice and improve their theoretical and practical skills.

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