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Fifth day led by Annamária Szoboszlai (HU)

Art is a history of freedom.
Art is a history of the responsibility.
 Art history is definitely not a history of a style, but the history of how we receive and than how we react to the reality.  

Only through personal experience we can understand life.

Why does human kind create an art piece?
 The art exist because the world is not perfect.

Art would be useless when the world would be perfect, if the men would live in harmony.

Tasks of the critic:

- realizing and understanding of progresses, processes, shifting and turning points on the field of art
- developing of cognitional self
- to be able for a deeper observation
- to be sensitive
- to have her/his freedom
- to have her/his responsibility, related to the society and to art

From God, from divinity…

…to the World, to the material.

An observational exercise:

other remarks…

Turning points of the modern time:

- Impressionism (spectacle-like depiction)
- Marcel Duchamp: Fountain (object, pure naturalism)
„the cloud of the ideas” around the object: the idea or thought is not involved anymore in the object

distance between spirit and materia