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Observe to reflect 05


Theatre plays is an illusion. Theatre play is a creation. Artist makes something artificial. Culture role in conscious species make us different with regard to unconscious one. We talk about possibilities of different critics about same productions. But what about different production? Can we percept all dance productions like same one? Can we percept all critics about one production like same one? Can we percept all critics and all productions like same one?

There is one more experiment that dramatically changes the cognition in a similar way. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity the biggest possible speed is the speed of light. Nothing can travel faster than 300.000km/s. The quantum physics noticed that the elementary particles do not exist individually but they have their own pair. They are harmonized in a way. I am not referring to electrons, protons and neutrons since today we know there are many other particles that form them. They were all formed by different vibrations, different frequencies of the same quantum superstrings.
In one experiment a pair of particles was sent to the opposite sides. It means there was the distance between them. In order for the information to get from one to the other we need a period of time since the speed is finite. If you go by car from one city to another that are 150km away and the car can move at the speed of 150km/h you can' t reach the destination in a period shorter than an hour for example. By an intervention on one particle one of them harmonized at the same time, reacted simultaneously. How was that possible? Does it mean that there is the speed faster than the speed of light or what? One more principle that completely changes the picture of the world that we have known so far.
A scientist has made an interesting analogy for this experiment. Imagine the fish in the aquarium without knowing anything what the fish and the aquarium were. The aquarium is filmed by two cameras, one at the front, one at the side and you can see two screens. And you can see two pictures of fish that you don't know what it is. You can see that when one of them moves the other does so too, simultaneously. Like the pair of particles. We might not be watching two fishes, two particles, two critics, two plays… It might be one. But we see different perspectives of it. Evan more, we just don't see it is in something that is water. Evan more …

The experiment opens many questions on reality, space, time, perspective… We ourselves are formed from all these particles, the photons, the waves. Each of us might be a different perception of the same. What about creation and artistic act. What are traditional, my beautiful soul and pure intellectual like possible aspects of critics in that way?

We can use the same principles in understanding the dancing plays themselves and in their critical observation. The critics should discover new perceptions of individual plays and help the spectators not to close themselves into habitual forms, standard settings and created expectations but to let themselves be open. The critical determinism influences the dance scene, the plays, the performance. The critical perception of new forms in contemporary dance at the same time warning about the forms that by their stale existence or the connection with the politics, in the conflict of interests, erode the art and the whole society. But this is some another story. Or maybe same?

New philosophical cognitions bring about the necessity of the change of criticism and also of the dramaturgy, the directing, the choreography.

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