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Third day led by Witold Mrozek (PL)

The Case of Biography. Dance, Discourse and Ideology

Does a contemporary dance performance introduce a new model of
Is it based more on kinesthetic experience - than on distanced
look? And if it's true – how our practical dance experiences determine
our spectator's gaze? 
Why the dancers speak so much about their own
feelings during the work - is dance a more “autistic” art than others?
What else determines us as spectators and writers? Professional
background? Education? Place of birth and social class in which we've
been raised?
How is our biography present in our texts?

An example: Magyar Tàncok (Hungarian Dances) by Eszter Salamon. 

Autobiographical lecture performance
– new genre? Return of “story”. 
Performance as a catalog of social,
political, historical imprints on the body and mind – it shows the
author as a “product of circumstances”.
If dance performance refers to another performance, questions the
technique, tells a story of a body located in political, social,
artistic discourses – is dance a discourse itself?

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