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MAKT participants from Hungary

Zita Sándor 
Student, critic. She studies Hungarian and French literature at Debreceni Egyetem, in Debrecen, completing a specialization in dramatic studies as well. She studies still at the French Department, as a doctoral student, having a contemporary French theatre-related research theme. She is participating at the work of the university theater (Színláz) in Debrecen with contributing in theatrical trainings, translating drama texts and also performing them. She publishes reviews, critics and articles about dance and theater performances in printed journals and on websites. 

Orsolya Bálint

is a Hungarian journalist working for Vasárnapi Hírek, the market leading Sunday newspaper in Hungary. She is writing reviews, interviews, and background reports on cultural topics since 2003. She has two regular columns, where she writes movie reviews and TV/media reviews. She is privileged to work for a national print newspaper which still recognizes and emphasizes the importance of culture and is very open for progressive contemporary artistic initiatives as well.  From 1999 to 2000 she had the chance to study in the framework of a DAAD scholarship in Germany, which included a semester of internship at the Regensburg Stadttheater (City Theatre), where she had the opportunity to be introduced to every work phase of a professional theatre from dramaturgy to choreography, costumes and lights. That again made a long lasting impact on her attitude towards performance arts, especially seeing modern and applied media merging with traditional genres. 
In 2013 she participated in the SUBCASE International Contemporary Circus Festival and Fare in Stockholm, within the framework of the European Union’s Unpack the Arts program.

Anna  Gulyás

is not yet a publicating criticist although she has a strong motivation in starting to work like this such a person in the future. The critical voice, the possibility to watch and understand theatrical, especially dance performances is a thing that she is quite interested in. She hopes that she can get the tools to make a huge step towards this profession.
As an active dancer she always had this phenomenon in herself that somehow she was likely to watch the whole performance from some kind of an outside position. SheI always has been thinking over the possible inner structure and cohesion between movement and meaning, the communication between choreography and music. 

Miroljuba (Mira) Petrova 

She started to publish her dance critics three years ago, when she got the chance for the first time to write a report about a wellknown contemporary dance festival „dunaPart2” in an online newspaper about dance, named Since that she got in touch with a few other newspapers, which were open to work together and helped her to get more and more knowledge and experience. From the beginning of 2013 she started to write and redact the official Blog site of the Central European Dance Theatre. 
All this came in her life few years after she started her dance education and career. 
She has a professional plan for her personal development in writing and criticism. She would like to express her method of thinking and viewpoint of contemporary dance and theater through the popularization of contemporary arts and discussions with professionals. 

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