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Echoes - first day of L1danceFest by Zita Sándor (introduction)

Introduction – this is the title of the first performance of the L1danceFest in 2013. An introduction to a choreographer’s world, to his specific humor. Two women are being kidnapped by an invisible person (by the audience sitting under the lights, facing them), two women are saying hello to us, keeping eye-contact and making funny, scared, thankful or coquettish faces. Anja Arnquist and Sophie Augot are following the perplexed wishes of the choreographer; their bodies react to the same impulsions with the same movements: an interesting study how mimics and gestures, for example two smiles can be different just because of two disparately grown skulls, teeth, tone of skin, shape of eye, colour of hair. The choreographer goes out from the theatre hall, but this scenic gesture doesn’t change much on the status of the performers. They continue their parallel, randomly connected movements, small acts are following each other. Anja Arnquist discovers the magic of the hair washing movements while listening music (that would be the freedom?), Sophie Augot has a beautifully and gently shown orgasm (she is clapping without noise and breathing in a tense excitement – that would be the individual joy?). At the end, huge reflectors are facing us: in the quickly raising, excessive light the dancers are disappearing, we got blinded. It’s time to look at ourselves, to look inside.
Did the choreographer look inside of his creation? What happened in between the eye-catching starting and ending point? What kind of connection did those two women have? Why were they showing us so often their back? Why did they have so few interactions with each other? Or was it a kind of rehearsal? We don’t know. It’s (just) an introduction. 
(Zita Sándor)
Fotó: KNI
photo: Szabó Roland

photo: Szabó Roland

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