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Echoes - first day of L1danceFest 2013 by Oleksandr Manshylin (introduction)

A text
I try to answer some questions :
1)      Can I judge a performance?
2)      Can I find a final judgement?
3)      When could I put it (in which moment)?
4)      Is it useful for me (for others)?

1)      Yes , I have these possibility .
2)      No, an experience proves subjectivity of judgements.
3)      When I fill it was birded. Or just after the end  of performance. Or when I fill everything is clear for me. Or after some kind of analysis. Or after some comparing with another works of the same kind or same author, so having something to associate with.
It is easy but usefulness to judge something experimental from the positions of something known. That is to say : this kind of artistic work asks for more attention, more efforts to understand it and some belief in position of artist. May be he is right even if we don’t see any proves of that.

A choreographer can leave his artists on stage without directing their work and it could mean two things :
1)      He didn’t succeed to compose a thing
2)      He wanted to explore behaviour of interprets (artists on stage) being on their own .
And if we accept the first position so there is nothing more to do about these particular work of art. It is no more interesting to do with a weak work.
But if we believe in second, a space of exploring opens for us. Now we have a need to prove our belief with arguments and we start to look for them inside the performance. Our attention, imagination, thinking process are activated.  We are PRESENT during the performance.
(Oleksandr Manshylin)
Fotó: KNI

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