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Echoes - first day of L1danceFest by Oleksandr Manshylin (big hits)

Almost everybody speaks English. And almost everybody is conscious about quality of these almost-English. It goes like we are hearing English speech very often but we are so rarely placed face to genuine English. The language of British mixes with our language as one needle with haystack. Now imagine that you was lucky enough and a shine of steel needle came into the front of you. How do it looks at the background of dried blades of grass?
Jenn is dressed as Rabbit. There is a seductive lingerie under rabbit. A costume could be different, but who is Jenn? We would know after the show. A GRADUATE IN ENGLISH LITERATURE IN A BUNNY SUIT! WHAT IS THAT? One version of Downshifting or only a possibility to earn a living or self-irony or an experiment? Could you descry myself inside a rabbit skin?
No, Jenn, you cannot hide away! And your English... A pile of fake fur can split out of your Rabbit, but a needle couldn’t be hidden inside it.
The professional actor could change a lot of masks. It is a complex work. Just imagine: you have come to the theatre. Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet. Now then, all these people on stage — Montagues, Capulets, other veroneses — accomplished a complex work and had been reincarnated.  Look at these Juliet! She is 40 but she looks so much as fourteen years old! But is there one genius between all of them? Towards the end of the play, upstage, up in smoke, an Apothecary appears — an old actor, role lasts 40 seconds. But it’s enough and you are coming into raptures. He didn’t wear a mask, he was himself: a man who knows all the plays in the world, passed through plenty of concepts and caprices of directors, had bowed to millions of spectators. Cardboard masks and costumes rest in a dressing room and he can afford itself the luxury to go on stage without.
Avant-garde theatre often explores just these: an art to be yourself. Do many succeed?
(Oleksandr Manshylin)
Fotó: KNI
photo: Szabó Roland

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