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Echoes – fourth day of L1danceFest by Barbara Żarinow (the wolf project)

Problem of II word war, and everything subject around, for example deportation or racial harassment isn`t so often present in dance theatre. I`m really content with that L1 danceFest gave us a chance to see The Wolf Project, which is raising this issues. The Wolf Project is collaboration Kenneth Flak (Norway) with Kűlli Roosna (Estonia). They performance was based on history  Kűllis grandmother, who survive deportation to Syberia during II word war.

Scene was completely white and clean, associate atmosphere from laboratory or hospital. Color of the space was corresponded with costume of a men. He was a lieder. His movement, very expansive and really smooth commenced the performance. It was first such dancing performance at the festival and it were really pleasurable to watch so beautiful and plastic movements. But this nice picture was disturbed by a girl sitting on a chair with her head hidden in a dark sack and a hands holding on the back, like she were trammeled. When the lieder released her, started real hard training, resemble training of martial art. His orders was based on uttering words consisting only of vowels. We cannot see normal relation, like between master and  apprentice. There is no accord or approximation, only the lieder’s need to maintain control, without victim`s conscious.

A construction of this piece strengthens context in witch personage are. Choreography is interwinded with a parts of the text. Victim is telling her story, about deportation to Syberia, in wagon for transporting animal, which survive only few people, including her. But still she isn`t in good situation, because doesn`t now where she is. She couldn`t find any answer to of her question. She is taming and manipulated very slowly. At first the lieder was using simple voice commends, later more and more difficult choreography, which she use to repeat.

Her face making semblance very softly and innocuous, so that`s why was so surprising when she kill him. She like kidnapping victim has Stockholm syndrome, doesn`t know how to manage in new situation. She is hugging him and laing down next to him. She tried to help him get up, as if she thought he was still alive. Finally seat him on the same chair, does it mean that now she will be lieder and he will be victim? We don`t know, because the final is open. In my opinion it is really possible.

The Choreography definitely referred to Stanford prison experiment. The history about deportation was only excuse. This performance was a tractate about simple reaction in situation of deprivation  liberty. But is the means by which used a choreographer to tell this story was accurate? In my opinion, not really.

The choreography was very plastic, smooth and soft, which is not authentic for this story. They should focus on ugly movement, uncomfortable for artists and also for audience. not easy, and requires. My rating is a completely subjective. I'm not sure if many people would agree with me, given how well the show was received by the audience. To me it is difficult to assess whether this piece was good. Nevertheless, the enormous pleasure was in watching such a beautiful and precise choreography, as this composed by Kenneth Flak and Külli Roosna.
(Barbara Żarinow)

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