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Echoes – second day of L1danceFest by Miroljuba Petrova (benedetto pacifico)

One of the most strange and startling thing for a dancer is to see her/himself from outside, which is so dangerous, but constructive at the same time. Ricardo Machado, the original performer of the piece for the first time had the possibility to see his own build up movements converted to another body. As the non conceptual  working method of the choreographer Karine Ponties, Ricardo’s visit wasn’t planned, just happened because of his current co-operation with Anna Réti in Budapest. 
When the first weak light unfolded the masculine face, figure and slow, pure arm movements of the replacement dancer Guillermo Weickert Molina, I was falling into another world like Alice in Wonderland as a beginning of a rugged and exciting self-recognition journey. The reason of the amazing „life fight” full of jumps and falls doesn’t have to be determined. It allows all of us as free willed audience members to find the reason of the struggle in our current life period.  The drag and in the same time supporting connection between the light and him (the only spot was attached to his body with a string) can be an unwanted ex-lover, a bad memory even as a hard decision. The pure, empty and dark stage was brilliantly equilibrating with the dynamic, special own technique based dance of Guillermo. The opposite of the widely light, statuesque and in the same time considerably hard, physical movements kept the attention alive in every single minute. We could feel all the previous hard work and long research period in this approximately thirty minutes, as the dancer let us know after the performance, it was a big challenge to copy Ricardo’s movement, to transfer them to his own body. It helped him continue his solo work, to find something new and missing. At the end of the battle the tension reach an extremely high-level, he releases from the string and also his shirt so we can see his wheezy chest. The dramatic and fascinating music stop and the sound of the breathing makes the space divided between a really strong life in the only safe spotlight and the smell of death from the darkness of the rest part of the stage.
(Miroljuba Petrova)

Zsolt, Guillermo - photo:

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