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Echoes – second day of L1danceFest by Barbara Żarinow (benedetto pacifico)

The play begins in total darkness. The audience is plunged into darkness, there can’t be seen sitting next to the person, even the tip of your nose is out of sight. When the eyes slowly adjust to the darkness, we start to seeing a white blur. We can not be sure if it is an illusion, maybe your eyes from too much darkness make tricks with us? But do not. An image begins to give substance, but still did not take the expressive form. It is a game with our perception.  It’s very pleasant because in the emerging very nice picture.

A stream of warm light flowing from a small reflector, which seems to be a makeshift, brings out the dark figure of a man. It outlines a clear space around it, which should give him a sense of security, because the rest of the area is plunged into darkness. This "island" of the light, however, is for him prison, from which he can not escape. He is connect to the reflector with a thin rope, so wherever he move it the light follows him.

The light stream is only apparent authority over Benedetto. Combining their rope, it is so delicate that it seems that each of his powerful movement will break it. But this isn’t the  limitations for dancer to using the full range of its movement. The movement sometimes is very dynamic and aggressive, like a dog rebellion which is suspended on a chain that wants to break up, what juxtaposing quality links, make this situation a little bit comic. This could also suggest some association with Don Quixote fighting windmills.

For me, the leading association was another literary figure - Robinson Crusoe. Benedetto`s ragged clothing, beard with elements of gray hair, which is a sign of time passing, and his single “island” of light. Over the whole show we can observe an attempt to obtain their freedom. At the beginning when his character is born with an unspecified white blurs in the area, moving very slowly, quietly, as if trying to find himself in a situation which has been attributed to him is not his will. The time when we can watch the hilarious fight, a bit surreal considering the subject of what it takes. Performs some expansive attacking space jumps, tosses struggles, but only at the moment when he manages to get the peace of mind comes out of prison.

Intriguing is the smile that appears on his lips Benedetto at the end, facing the audience, after a desperate attempt to catch his breath, when freed from the bonds, introduces a discordant feelings and amusing confusion among the public. All you watched his fight was not in earnest, only pure play with the audience, the perception of each viewer and his imagination.

Benedetto Pacifico has so far been the warmest adopted a performance by the audience. Is very reassuring that it is enough to maintain the same dancer viewer's attention at the same high level throughout the duration of the show. You do not need built over the stage, or use tricks. Only need a good performer and choreography, which will giving the opportunity to choose the way of interpretation.
(Barbara Żarinow)
photo: Szabó Roland

photo: Szabó Roland
photo: Szabó Roland

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