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Echoes – third day of L1danceFest by Barbara Siemaszko (bitten)

Two young girls staying in front of an audience.  The stage is dark as high T – Shirts which they are wearing. In such symmetric composition they starts their hopefully personal discussions about being women. 
Actions are performing simultaneously. At the beginning they are seducing us sitting on the chairs, in the same time enjoying their own space, equipped with two tables, and  with some  gadget on it. Surprisingly they are owners of quite similar staffs like: the orange, onion, the Christmas ball, the kitchen towel, the rattle. In one of them was also a small plant and a Mother of God. In the background  we see male legs pretending to wearing paper, two dimensional pink high – heel shoes. Some kind of strangers is coming into the play, when both girls during putting the water into the bathtub, keeping big bottle of ones in way  could  imagined us  urinates men. Artist's face expression seems to be pretty concentrated and determined.  After that, water is colored in red by putting into some sweet juice. Some foreign languages are coming to our ears from recorder like: what women should be, at what I am?  Artists starts to compose pieces of food at their solar plexux. From time to time food's compositions starts to growing up. All things from tables  starts to exists in created woman's pregnancy, not excepting their high heel – shoes. In these actions I have found some grotesque not be convinced about their quality. I was asking myself what kind of answers about femininity artists seems to us suggest. Pregnancy turned into a burlesque costume, when both of artist their high heel shoes contained on  line of their breast decorate with pink stars. The final is big consumption of such cultural heritage by other women who is eating something from her stomach also penetrating his interior.  
The presentation being of women starts to be too typical patchwork of quotations, starting from headdress, poses, cooking, making faces, finished with female biology like menstruation, but also masturbation. Is small figure of Mother of God symbolises women' s imagine whose duties are: caring, protecting, feeding, upbringing? That is this idea of women from which artists want to escape? 
Consumption's motives or talking role's by women, problem of their duties, manner of behaving, their biology nature, sexual needs were very alive in femininity art since 60' even until now, but in my opinion the issue moved by artist is showed definitely in too general and simplified way. About what women we are talking about. What kind of  heritage is  for us – women – to offensive in  artist's point of view?  The way served by duet scenic solution sometimes was funny, but did not convinced me. 
(Barbara Siemaszko)

fotó: KNI

fotó: KNI


  1. Anonymous24/9/13

    Dear Barbara, your description of the piece missed the first 10 minutes... Were you late? Please have a look at the photos from the whole performances:

  2. Anonymous24/9/13 would be wise to learn English before writing criticisms ... and also: most of the descriptions about the above performance never, a critic should at least pay attention to what they are writing about...