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Echoes - first day of MAKT by Miroljuba Petrova

L1danceFest 2013  
First  MAKT – Mobile Academy of Dance Criticism meeting  
Budapest, 2013.09.18.

After the successful arrival of all the MAKT /Mobile Academy of Dance Criticism/ participants at the recently opened art center of Budapest the Jurányi Art Incubator House we started our first critical discussion with the introduction of the affected organizations and the members of the program. Some of us just arrived from the airport directly at the meeting, but the author and leader of the critical team Jadwiga Grabowska (Poland) and one of the students Oleksandr Manshylin (Ukraine) are already watched the performance of Márta Ladjánszki – choreographer, dancer and artistic director of the L1 Association – from the last night.

Our first guest was Tomas Moravek (CZ) light designer of Márta’s two performances, JOSHA - a portrait and the SZÉKI LUCA. We had the possibility to get a lot of information, knowledge and idea about his exciting work. For most of us it was first time to get in touch in that conversational way with a light responsible and to understand in more details the viewpoint and thinking of this profession. Of corse Tomas presentation is really important for us as a dance and theater critics, which can help both side in the common work. Márta also prepared us a presentation to introduce the L1 Association and Jadwiga explained about the aim and concept of the Academy. Márta and Jadwiga met in 2006, in a festival in Poznan. That was the beginning of this relationship which give us the possibility this year to work together in this enormous festival.

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