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Echoes – fifth day of L1danceFest by Barbara Siemaszko (this is not a love story)

Gunilla Heilborn in collaboration with the performers: Krstina Vilala, Johan Thelander
From the end// This is not a love story

During L1dancefest2013 we could experienced large palette of scenic possibilities and bodily researches. The one word is going to well sum up that event – diversity. So many different artistic ideas has been showed, so many new testes could be discovered, bodily experiments perceived. 
Some formal dominate could totally changed dimension of show and perception by views. Body composed in white space, or two men in black space, every chosen stayed behind someone taste, expression and need. No definitive solutions. Somewhere between performance, plastic theatre, dance theatre, physical theatre, ritual; every of them were exploding body's medium, their weight, mobility, place in space and time. 
When the stage disappear, the space is appeared. Someone personal imagination starts contact with us. I start to write like people who in past times, in XVII century has discovered as called Italian scene. Many of theatre lovers blamed that idea,  for closing theatre for long time in box, for limits of men's mind,  because of a gift of the world who was just full with illusion, and  no place for ear, for some touch of open minding truth.  
During show: This is not a love story, I had feelings nearly small girl who with so much excitations watching some fairy tales. In spite fact, I am not a small girl, and story is rather fairy direct to adult man. 
So... not so long time ago...I have experienced noisy storm and a lot of white light.  That was at the beginning. But before that at the stage by long time was standing huge slogan with irritating us message which was put in title of piece. Soon we will seen nothing more like story without happy end. No enormous power of love, no big heroes, maybe also at this time we will not find any broken hearts. Just simple story about two people who are just meeting. I was afraid that I meet naïve love story as many I have seen in my life.
But noise of storm return my thinkings to other point. My body was surprised and a little shocked in spite of  conviction of imagined situation. 
Story. Story about two people. About two world who starts being near and more near each other. They  wants to be close but nothing with force. Force is in nature, only in that storm. Is force  nature of love? Of course. Of course not.
I start here/ I start here/ I start here
There was a couple, dresses in big white flower designed on their black T-shirts. If they were together? They dancing together, but still cannot be unity. Unity is a big word. I am not so sure about it reel existence. But love likes  requirement  for such words. What I have found there is no idea of love, but trying to be close each other, to respect their different spaces, being together in some part of their life.  
I start here.  I start here.   
I hear you. I feel you. May I can start here. Time at stage was concentrated and close us. Like human time, which dancers sharing with us; time  was divided into small pieces, who decide about us. No big words, but small steps, movements, changes. 
What is about a story who needs big words describing  aspirations of one men, who wants to discover North Pole?  History is changing for us twice.  It depends on  how is present. Our perception is changing when we see the small photo, and we listening the story of that men; also other things happening to us when artist use big photo of that men. Story always is far from us, but face's picture who is on huge size poster has other dimension, more distance, more valid and neutral in the same time. 
Men's dreams has not come true. Now the discover of North Pole is known under the other name. Which one? If anyone cares who discovered that part of Earth? In one part of show the petite blonde women, with charming voice, asking us about  question's value? 
When we want to speak about love, very often we should speak about death. Many philosophers used to put these main human condition close to each other, at the same level, at the same line. 
Big question, sweating people trying get to the  life some kind od sens. Some of them could say: life has meaning in itself? Who has the right? Them? Our heroes do not answer for such questions. They just creating world in which every movement, rhythm, history has own value. Sometimes they brings each other, other time they dancing the same repertoire of movement. At their faces I could not see the difference when they were speaking about love or their death, which will come in short time because an accident. I have not felt sad, because also they were not sad. That was the life. And watching them with distance I accepted what there were giving to me. 
I have found there a lot of poetry. Presence of performers also was very well constructed. I was feeling how easy they can come out and coming back to their character: concentartion and free passage between them. 
Many things, also a lot os sense of humor, we could found in plots, rhythm, costumes, music, scenography and so seducing restraint of performer; love, humanity, hope, death, being together, the way of saying worlds. 
I agree that piece we were watching like movie in atmosphere of scandinavian aesthetics. I was really calm and in so easy way I will say: I really enjoyed that show, every level seemed to be so well prepared. 
It was on Sunday evening. So nothing strange that after show all festival's family has gathered in front of big table, with great foods, good wine, and no strict atmosphere. 
What I really need to underline, as an deeply observer of Critics's group,   curator of Festival Marta Ladjanszki, wanted to keep an artists for all festival. In fact almost them were staying in Budapest by since the end of event, attending for shows and also being important part of discussions  which taking part after every spectacles.  
In that way festivals like an idea of sharing the ideas of performances's creations, as also of viewer's perceptions, such possibility of being in the same time in atmosphere of  art's curiosity,  has very important meaning for participants and of course for art's researches. 
(Barbara Siemaszko)

fotó: Vida Gusztáv

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