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Echoes – fifth day of L1danceFest by Marta Seredyńska (Exercise for Choreography of Attention ‘Point of No Return’)

Dalija Aćin Thelander created a performance, which poses the questions about contemporary choreography. What is currently choreography? And the artist must be present on the stage during his performance? Author of Exercise for Choreography of Attention ‘Point of No Return’ created a vision and other  action gave to the audience. Choreographer (or another person if it is absent) explains only to the audience rules of performance. Next the audience enters the room. 
The room looks like raining room. The floor is white and on the wall hang mirrors. In the middle of the floor lies a few books. Each participant of the performance have to read one book. When participant finish reading, next person can read it. There isn’t limit of time. 
Everybody can read as much as they want. 
In the book I can find history of a girl and a wolf. I think that construction of this book is very good. It have storyline, pictures and stage directions, which have the tasks for participants of performance. Decision about how to read is taken individually. 
Most of the audience read very carefully. Part of the audience only view – perhaps they are already tired. Part of the audience (who don’t read) lie on the floor, sleep or relax. In the middle of the room stands a chair. One woman sit on it and read in this position. Maybe this is most comfortable for her?
One man read the book and walk. He walk around the room and doesn’t stop. When he finish reading, he put the book on the floor – but he still walk. He watches pictures in this room and tries to play on the piano. He is very active and at the end he start dance. That is his small performance. He is main actor of this performance.
Performance will end when everybody finish read the book. Part of the audience, which finished reading, wait for other. Who will be the last? It is also performance – finish read the last.   
In the book are exercises for the audience. But the audience only read, nothing more. Collective choreography didn’t formed in this evening. But each of us created choreography because choreography in this performance is every small movement which we perform. This is our choreography. But it was only exercise.
(Marta Seredyńska)


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