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Echoes – fourth day of L1danceFest by Barbara Żarinow (Quiproquo)

Circus on dance festival? Why not! Rapid Eye from Denmark extends the dance theater to the concept of the new circus and theater object. The main thing which connecting this different types of theater is the body. In Quiproquo one of the most important thing were a magic tricks, which weren`t use for win over audience`s sympathy but for extension choreography. This piece consists of small, separate stories, pictures which are sticked by magic tricks into a compositional whole.
Artists use the four requisites: bricks, metal ball, wooden sticks and two long bamboo sticks. These objects in their hands regain second life. They didn’t use them traditionally. Set in motion objects lengthened the duration of moves and made soften the transition between one image created by artist to the other.
A similar task served a music. Performed live by Sture Ericson on theremin, an electronic instrument whose sound was modulated by moving hands around one of the antennas. The music was improvised, followed the movements of the dancers. Composer using the sounds of "everyday" items created ready-made music. The song was amazing resilient, variable tempo and scale of the sound. Music served as a narrator describing sometimes more vividly than in reality. Sometimes movement of composer/performer (his funny hand-shaking movements, which create entirely new sounds) was even more interesting than the dancers. But together the trio created a well synchronized and complement each other.
Rapid Eye fights with stereotype of circus, which most of us have been encoded in our heads from childhood. A idea of contemporary circus presenting theatre from Denmark is based on storytelling. As I wrote before the whole piece consists of several stories, some funny, and some beautiful and melancholic. Scene engraved in my memory, was the moment when from wooden planks artists created a raft, and together sailed through the music played on the saxophone crafted. Feature of a contemporary
circus is also coming out of a circus tent. Spectacle "Quiproquo" was placed in the historic hall of The Castle Theatre from 18th century, which was finding very well, although in theory shouldn`t fit into it. The two actors resemble two handymen form of Czechoslovak cartoon Pat & Mat placed in this space seem even more comical. Lost, creating your own world in this strange place for themselves. Rapid eye convinced that the circus can be one of the arts. They cleared circus with gimmicks, which was the most common feature of old circus. They did not try to fake the audience, not trying to deceive them. They unintentionally bewitched audience by beautiful images, not forced comic and great music. You can really fall in love this performance.
(Barbara Żarinow)

fotó: KNI

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