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Echoes - MAKT by Marta Seredynska

MAKT session in Budapest

Mobile Academy of Dance Criticism is meetings of young people who write or want to write about dance. In Budapest it was third MAKT session – after Poznań and Lublin. I was at all the meetings and I think each is quite different – but we always have a lots of work and inspirational talks.
In this MAKT session were people from Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and Italy. It’s important that we can meet people from other countries who are also interested in dance, write about dance or are dancers. It’s important that we can talk to each other about dance in our countries. One day of our session we discussed about dance in Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. We talked about school for dancers, situations of dancers in our countries, most important place where dance evolve. We also watched fragments of video of performances – dance in our countries is really different, we have different forms and techniques.  
In first and second day of our workshop we could meet with Tomáš Morávek – light designer who works with Márta Ladjánszki. Actually light is important element of performances. 
It’s good that we could talk about light of festival performances. We had seen a lot of performances when lights was important but we didn’t know how to work light designer. We didn’t know also about technical possibilities. Tomáš helped us to understand this profession. We talked about meaning of lights in performances, about types of lights, colors, size. We analyzed scenes of performances where lights were used. In earlier MAKT session we met with different people – lecturers from Universities, critics and theorists. Theoretical knowledge is very important but also important were meetings with practices – not only dancers and choreographers. Meeting with Tomáš was inspiring because we pointed the attention to other elements in performance, not only movement. 
Session in Budapest first of all gave us the opportunity to talk about watched performances – discussion the next day after seeing. We talked everyday.  I think it’s very important because we can hear what other participants think about performances, what are their feelings and interpretations. Sometime after watching performances I have a doubt and I don’t know how to interpret some scene or movement. Discussion with  other participants of MAKT gives me the opportunity to better understand the concept of artists. I can collate my feelings with feelings of other participants. After discussion it’s easier to write text about performance. 
And the last work which we had to do – write text about performances. We divided the work – not all of us had to write about everything. We could choose performances and next write about it. It was very good experience because the texts are on the blog site and everybody can read it. It is dialogue with artists who can read interpretations of performances. If we want to be critics of dance we have to see performances and write about it – and this MAKT session was great exercise for this.  
(Marta Seredynska)

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