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Echoes – second day of L1danceFest by Miroljuba Petrova (invisible reality)

Why water and milk drops were showed on the front screen of the two projections at the beginning of the Invisible Reality? And why where they turned vertically?  Why the choreographer used double video projection? Which one is the real dancer? The choreographer and live performer Catalina Carrasco or the performer in the video? 
All these questions are too subjective to just answer them and accept it as fact. This is the beauty of our art, it gives the freedom for everyone to place the experience in her or his own life period. To solve problems, to find answers or to remember how petty-minded is to be lost in everyday problems when millions of emotions can be relived in this world, when time is running like a cheetah. That’s why Catalina’s partner Gaspar Morey who is responsible for the video and light design of the performance said in the frame of the open discussion after the show: „We don’t want to tell a story.”
Catalina starts and finishes with the beginning of a new life. A movement is always research of the body, which is endless, looking for new ways to express the thoughts of the soul. Between the live dancer Catalina Carrasco and the video dancer Susana Fuenmayor exists a special relationship. Catalina reflect to Susana, she follows her and understand her, sometimes left her, forget about their connection and go for her own way. She needs her as we need help in deep situations from a weird power, but in the same time she is strong and self-confident. Sometimes they are friends, sometimes they are the same person. Soul-mates with transparent bodies who need each other to be really visible. 
Sometimes we are lost in images, like our mind in thoughts. We can see the tortuous brain of a woman, of our overloaded life rhythm. Everything is fast, no time to rethink and no time to value. Just go. Do it and fight. Nobody can help you, and nobody have to help you. You are alone in the dark, but your digital friend can help go over easier. Catalina’s dancing her own choreography is so real and honest. We can find sexuality and woman power in every movement and every breath. The power of giving a birth to a child. She is searching on the stage, looking for new challenges and ways to success like all of us. Every performance is different, like every evening when you can’t sleep because of combative problems in your mind or the elevating excitement of a new love. Never stop thinking. Just keep going to swim undercurrent like a fish, like Catalina.
All we have problems and fights, all we have emotions and so many desires, but just few of us can find a way how to manage them and success. To save your own inside world as a shelter and be able to believe sometimes that reality is invisible.
(Miroljuba Petrova)

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