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Echoes - MAKT by Zita Sándor

What does it mean, to be a MAKT student? Or, what does it mean, to be a MAKT student, occasionally? This is the question I can answer: during the L1danceFest 2013 a group of MAKT students came to Budapest and I had a great chance to join them, for some days.
It means there is a team of young university students (mostly from Poland, but also from Ukraine, Italy) interested in dance, doing performing arts related studies (most of them). They are not simply interested in contemporary dance, but – I dare to say – they are passionately interested in it. They do extra courses to have a theoretical basis, they’ve already seen many international dance performances, they already have dance critic related experiences, a "horizon", even though they are still at the beginning of something. On the top of this, they are welcoming; it was easy to join them as an outsider.
It means that there is a teacher-leader, Jadwiga Grabowska (Majewska)..., (as, or even more passionate than her students), with whom we discuss each of the performances seen during the festival. We don’t agree, we take our time to encounter different arguments and points of view, we discover patterns, metaphors, symbols and structures, possible meanings. Jadwiga helps us, leads us, and also takes part in the discussions. At some point she finds some time to present an important theory, a historical fact, phenomenon, or a pioneer (this time Anna Halprin).
It means chance to meet professionals. We passed two days in the company of Tomáš Morávek who was introducing us to the work of a light designer. We analyzed some performances with his assistance, and not only the stages but our mind became enlightened. Types of lights and design intentions turned to be clear or clearer.
It means being really tired but at the same time, enjoying this tiredness. We met and discussed from morning until the first performance of the day, trying to write some comments for the blog (with not a really big success this time) - without having a real, big break. But everyone was okay with it, we all wanted to profit from the occasion, that we are together. We tried to go to Jedermann in order to check the TranzDanz Jövőtánc series (which sounded a bit mysterious). We succeeded to go there once. We were the last ones leaving the place - still, discussing performances. 
It means quite a lot to be a MAKT student, even if it’s only for some days.
(Zita Sándor)
photo: Márta Ladjánszki

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