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echoes _ Biczók-Meszerics-Czitrom: We don't eat dogs by Komjáthy Zsuzsanna

Bits and bytes
Anna Biczók, András Meszerics, Ádám Czitrom: We don’t eat dogs
It is crazy, what is going on! There are two boys and a girl on the stage with pink hair, wearing typical post-punk clothes, moving as bits and bytes in a computer from the nineties. Who are they? And what is this all about? -- Oh, of course: we are seeing the performance of three Hungarian contemporary artists: Anna Biczók, András Meszerics and Ádám Czitrom, acting in We don’t eat dogs. The dancers seem to have come directly from a Kraftwerk (or maybe Draft Punk) concert to the room. They are raggedly-ass, waggish, straggly and – first of all – free. And they got stucked in life and absurdity, of course, likewise that guy from  Jevgenyij Griskovec’s monologue (How I ate a dog). Or do they just spend their time in their own T.A.Z. (Temporary Autonomous Zone; what Hakim Bey wrote about)? Maybe. They are those wild children, who „think in images”, and they are the ones who are the unbridled PLAY itself: „at one & the same time the source of our Art & of all the race's rarest eros”. 
Biczók Anna, Meszerics András photo: Szabó Roland
Because it’s crazy, what is going on… in the world. You cannot eat sugar, cannot have sex, without a symbolic father who tells you what (not) to do. So are you your own creator? Yeeesss, definitely. Or maybe you are not. Because you know this word: r-e-s-p-o-n-s-i-b-i-l-i-t-y. It shadows every step you take. Your movements are broken as a result, your coordination is destructed, and you began to repeat your motion lines fitfully. You are much more similar to a human Tetris (or to some organic material) than to a sensitive person.
But, let us be a bit more serious: despite of its honest protestation, We don’t eat dogs is full of irony, and this ability is the point that saves the performance from chaos and from nonsense. Ironic is not only the meaning of the performance, holding a curved mirror to the public, but also its structure. That’s why it is not too much to hear András Meszerics howling like a T-Rex (?), and hear Anna Biczók barking like a dog. We can laugh about it, but even if nothing else happens on the floor except gegs, it is good to be involved a bit into this T.A.Z., and it is good to imagine that you can have your own as well. Once. 
Komjáthy Zsuzsanna - KÖM

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