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echoes _ X. Frissek Minifestival: Szamosi Judit, Lukáš Karásek & Florent Golfier by Zita Sándor


After seeing a quick shot of a Western European city, Katalin Lengyel appears on the screen, smiling to the audience. This year, the L1danceFest started with Frissek Minifestival, the organizer presented shortly the concept and the story of the event: she invites emerging representatives of different art fields for a short (10 minutes) performance. This evening is special, the artists are members or residents of the L1 Association, and for the first time, there is an international guest performance as well. 
Katalin Lengyel is working in abroad during the festival, this is why she decided to send a video message, but she was not the only one who couldn’t be present physically on the first day of L1danceFest. Judit Szamosi (a member of the L1 Association) is also taking part in an international program; nevertheless she decided to present a work, a short sketch within the frame of Frissek. On the video recording there are two chairs and two women, trying out different positions, moods and noise making. The audience is witnessing an early period of a creation; we see how the artists are building the first steps towards a farther, complex system of signs and movements, not yet clear. Seeing laughing and speaking the two women, watching the quickly set pictures of the shots I feel like I am voyeur – although, thanks to the clear cuts I know, it’s a composed videotape. However, the personal, yet indefinite form of the work is still present, the struggle with the material is captured and registered. This is how work works.

photo: Szabó Roland
Talking about the “international” side of the Frissek Minifestival it is obligatory to mention the duo of Lukáš Karásek and Florent Golfier. Tešlon a Frkl can be defined as a physical theatre piece or a new circus performance – the category doesn’t really matter, not like the way of expression and the idea inside. The meeting of the two different characters is told by beautiful, playful and well-elaborated, carefully shaped movements. Lukáš is covered with some kind of white powder, he is exercising alone; Florent is a taller and a bit more talkative, tries to build up some kind of relation with the other one. The two bodies are crossing each other, connecting and disconnecting. Two persons can meet and try out each other’s strength, bones and courage, sometimes they discover a harmonic balance, some other time they realize their difference. Tešlon and Frkl tell us this ordinary story with acrobatic and pure movements, with strength and simplicity. At one point their bodies are merging, there is one head, four legs and two arms, these familiar body parts are creating one, unfamiliar creature, a perplexing but at the same time attractive, breathing and moving structure. Some motifs are reappearing in different points of the performance, the patterns are changing depending on the presence of the other one – Lukáš cannot stand on his head twice on the same way (like we cannot step twice into the same river). 
Zita Sándor - KÖM

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