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Invited participants of KÖM

Mónika Kunstár 

is a dancer; she has been learning classical and modern dance since her childhood. Currently she is a dance teacher and modern dance team leader. She has dance lessons in Budapest, principally for children. She studied Hungarian Language, Literature and Media Pedagogy. She is interested in danceart, theatre, literature, and many other forms of art. 
This year she participated in the seminar for dance critics of Ellenfény, the leading Hungarian monthly magazine about performance arts, where her reviews were published as well. Her favourite dance style is contemporary dance and modern ballet, but she often watches modern folk dance performances too. 
When she writes about a performance, she watches it as a dancer, who knows, what the movement means for the body and soul; she watches like a poet, who wants to feel it and understand it; and she watches like an everyday woman, who can enjoy it. She likes new inspirations, new ways in her life, and wants to learn from everyone. The most important things in her life are to love what she is doing, and always keep smiling…

Zsuzsanna Komjáthy 
is a critic; she studied Hungarian Literature and Theatre Science at the University of Pécs. During her studies, she was a member of the Empty Space Company, a contemporary theatre association, where she was an actress involved in designing and acting in performances. Besides performing, she started to write about theatre performances, and became a columnist at the cultural magazine Kikötő Online from 2009 to 2012. 
In 2010, she was captivated by a performance of Compagnie Marie Chouinard, and fell in love with dance. In 2011, she entered a contest of the magazine Ellenfény, where her critique received a prize and so since then her critiques are regularly published in the magazine. She also regularly writes for the online dance journals Tá and Táncé In 2013 she received a prestigious national scholarship, the Fülöp Viktor Scholarship and began to publish her work in the leading monthly magazine on theatre, Színház, and online on the cultural website Kútszélistí as well. She writes reviews, interviews, essays and studies about dance, theatre and fine art.

Kristóf Farkas 

is a renaissance man: he is interested in an array of things. He wanted to become a ballet dancer as a child, later, as a young man he wanted to become a pathologist. After he moved from Miskolc to Budapest, he studied acting, which involved practicing different genres of dance as well. He was experimenting with photography, writing passionate critiques and more and more he was getting interested in every segments of art. He has lots of favourite dancers, but to name one, Jiří Kylián made a great impact on him. 
He just finished his bachelor’s degree in Hungarian Literature and Theatre Sciences and started his masters in Literary and Cultural Sciences. He makes literary translations, writes a lot (especially in his blog, he is still in love with biology, and he hasn't stopped dancing. 

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