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echoes_quick scan Chris Leuenberger & Matthew Rogers: DESIRE & DISCIPLINE by Mónika Kunstár

Just like untamed wild horses roaming the meadows, honestly and restlessly; their every movement is an expression of freedom and indestructible life force. The space is free for the sound, for the movement, for the half-naked men in blue jeans, running around bare feet on the stage; and singing – this is crazy! – the song Lemon Tree. It is a game and no game at the same time, the rhythm and the sincere pulsing of speedy breaths. 

photo: Roland Szabo
Desire & Discipline (created by Chris Leuenberger, Matthew Rogers and Thomas Jeker) is a really loveable piece; I will be still researching its metaphors tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and until the next moment, when I can roam against the wind wherever my feet take me. Look for this moment, free the Mustang inside yourself! Loved it! Jeans, freedom, Mustang forever…

Mónika Kunstár – member of KÖM by L1 Association

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